Hopewell Rocks State Park, New Brunswick, Canada

If you ever travel to New Brunswick Canada, Hopewell Rocks state park is the place you must see. It is located on the shore of Bay of Fundy, very close to Moncton, Saint John and PEI. The base of these rocks are covered by water twice a day during high tides. Thus, you will be literally walking on the ocean floor during the low tide. These are rock formations caused by tidal erosion and the large volume of water flowing into and out of the bay erodes their base at a faster rate than their top creating quite an unusual shape. The water in the bay looks like melted chocolate, not very appealing for taking a swim, but very fascinating to look at.


The view is quite remarkable and unforgettable. It might remind you a shape of a well known object like the photo on the left or a face of a known character like photo on the right. Can you guess who?

DSC_2071  DSC_2133

The breathtaking views trigger philosophical thoughts in some travelers as evident from the following statement engraved in the sand.

DSC_2124   or big things like this DSC_2135


Mila Levinson

Mila Levinson

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