5 Unique Team Building Ideas

5 Unique Team Building Ideas

5 Unique Team Building Ideas

There is nothing better to develop team spirit and unify your workforce than team building activities. In this article I will talk about 5 unique and innovative team building ideas that will provide a unique environment to develop individual skills as well as keep your employees motivated.

Team building events are divided according to number of people attending and how long it will last. For example when you contact an event management company you will be asked to provide information on how many people will be attending the event and for how long it will last, based on that the event company will get back to you with a list of team building events that best suit your requirements.

That said, let’s take a look at 5 unique team building ideas designed to enhance social responsibility, baccarat unite employees from different sectors and above all provide a nice and relaxing activity for your employees.

Community Team Building Events

The benefits generated by these events are numerous. In my opinion these type of activities are the most complete ones as it benefits the local community, your business and your workforce. We can say it kills three birds with one stone.

Community team building events deliver much needed support to worthy causes and charitable organisations, raise awareness of wider global issues, support corporate social responsibility aims and provide teams with a really different opportunity to work together for the benefit of the wider community. (For more information on the benefits of these events see resources box Benefits of Community Team Building Events)

Corporate Fun Days

Corporate Fun Days also known as corporate games are the best way to reward employees, involve their families and entertain clients. Many people might not consider these types of activities as team building events. Despite being all about fun and games, corporate fun days can bring employees together through socialization between different sectors.

The Apprentice

An innovative event designed to encourage creative thoughts as each team tries to create and establish a shopping channel to impress the ‘Big Boss’.

The Apprentice also promotes honest and open feedback by creating a forum for understanding the customer’s needs. Each team will be given a target market, pre-set budget and develop a unique selling point. Then each team has to create and film a short advert for their shopping channel which will be aired at the end of the event.

Chequered Flag

A fast paced team building event where teams work together to design and build a vehicle before the final Formula One race off! This unique activity challenges employees to think outside the box. Ideal for larger and small teams that like to get their “hands dirty”.

Business Games

Business games are team building events designed to last between 1-2 hrs providing teams with a unique opportunity to enjoy an events where the main objective is to have fun.

Business games can be standalone activities or be incorporated as part of full day events like Corporate Fun Days.

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